When a friend of mine and former band mate recently started a new band of his own, I noticed they didn't have a logo. So I contacted him and offered my assistance in filling that void. I was glad to see we were on the same page with ideas on what direction to take with the logo. When I hear Buried Life, the first thing that came to mind was zombies, the undead. So from there, I knew what direction I was going in, but I also wanted to give it some homage to the classic zombie films that I grew up watching and loving. I used a font that I felt had a dirty/grungy yet bold look to it to give that feel of grittiness and the placement of the zombie hand grasping the logo added that extra touch (no pun intended) to give it the lasting impression I think this logo conveys. The band was stoked with the design, as was I, and I'm glad I could help them out...

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