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As well as being a graphic artist, I also write album reviews pertaining to the world of heavy music. Below is a list of reviews from my time spent with Heavy Blog Is Heavy and my newest stomping ground, The Monolith.



NAILS �?Abandon All Life
Southern Lord Records | 03/19/13

After the release of Unsilent Death back in 2010, it was quite evident that California’s hardcore/metal act Nails were undeniably pissed off �?and in the span of ten tracks blasting through a run-time of about fourteen minutes, they were dead set on getting that point across. A few years have passed since that album destroyed our aural canals, and it seems Nails have returned with an equally, if not more crushing album... read more


Call of the Void �?Draged Down A Dead End Path
Relapse Records | 03/19/13

When it comes to metal, hardcore, punk-rock, and the like, there’s never a shortage of angst to be expressed. Some bands do it with gusto, while others just come off sort of gimmicky. For Colorado fiends, Call Of The Void, they present themselves in a manner that would have your parents questioning your listening habits... read more


Momentum �?Herbivore
Forged In Iron/Halo of Flies Records | 02/1/13

Momentum, a side-project featuring members of Plague Mass, Light Bearer and XZieglerX �?who play heavy, epic and melodically driven DIY hardcore-punk, which is both crushing and uplifting �?showcase not only their passion for playing fast, politically-charged music, but deliver a strong message that hits just as hard as the music... read more


Direwolves �?Me From Myself, To Banish
Throatruiner Records | 10/15/12

Debut albums hold a lot of weight to them; by either propelling the band further in their career, or only offering a brief whimper of noise that can easily go unnoticed. For French hardcore act Direwolves, this statement rings true as they find themselves in the midst of releasing their first EP via Throatruiner Records... read more


Converge �?All We Love We Leave Behind
Epitaph Records | 10/09/12

Between the technical and blaring riffs of guitarist Kurt Ballou, Nate Newton’s equally technical and deeply audible bass, to Ben Koller’s ballistic, punk rock drumming, and Jacob Bannon’s screams and snarls, Converge have managed to sound even heavier, while also providing their most accessible album to date, which just goes to show the bands ability at mastering an already well-crafted style... read more


GAZA - No Absolutes In Human Suffering
Black Market Activities | 07/31/12

Heavy, intense, and with a highly technical and innately unconventional approach to their music, Salt Lake City’s GAZA perform an unpredictable mixture of metal, sludge, and grindcore. Their two previous full-length albums, He Is Never Coming Back, and I Don’t Care Where I Go When I Die are some of the heaviest albums to grace the heavy music spectrum in the past few years... read more


Rise and Fall - Faith
Deathwish Inc. | 03/20/12

Forming from the ashes of two other bands and only being around since 2002, Belgian rockers Rise and Fall have quickly become one of the most successful and hard hitting bands in the European hardcore/punk/metal scene, as well as gaining popularity here in the states. Already having a well established discography under their belts, which includes three full-lengths, splits and 7"s, Rise and Fall return after 3 years... read more


Everything Went Black - Cycles of Light
Lost Shepherd/Prosthetic Records | 01/17/12

Crossover, metalcore, metallic hardcore, all these are subgenres of heavy metal, which combine the various elements of extreme metal and hardcore punk. Now like most genres of music, it’s flooded with mediocre and lackluster drivel, but every once and a while a band comes along and reassures you that everything will be alright, and that the genre hasn’t completely fallen into disarray... read more


Unkind - Harhakuvat
Relapse Records | 08/02/11

Since the release of last years amazing self-titled album from the Norwegian outfit Kvelertak, I've been chomping at the bit for another band of that caliber to make it’s way into my crosshairs. Luckily this year has brought its fair share of new bands that will easily sustain my listening for months to come, but there was one band in particular that really stood out and caught my interest. Finland's Unkind... read more


Dead In The Dirt - Fear
Southern Lord Recordings | 9/27/11

Hailing from Atlanta, GA, dead in the dirt's EP Fear is nothing short of aural abuse, as its blistering pace just roars through all ten tracks, resulting in eleven and half minutes of pure grinding mayhem. Take the same grit, crunch and hostile approach heard from such bands as NAILS and Trap Them and combine it with the dark atmosphere of Rotten Sound... read more


Black Tusk - Set the Dial
Relapse Records | 10/25/11

For quite a while now, Georgia has breed its fair share of bands that all utilize that brand of southern-tinged music, albeit to a much heavier degree. Bands like Mastodon, Baroness and Kylesa have made a name for themselves and despite their different paths, they’ve all retained certain characteristics such as massive hulking riffs, booming vocals and an all around gritty sound. And in the case of their backwater brethren, Black Tusk... read more


Today is the Day - Pain is a Warning
Black Market Activities | 8/16/11

It's been over 11 years since I last heard a Today is the Day album. It was their 1999 release, In The Eyes of God, which I enjoyed quite a bit, so I'm not to sure why I never gave any of their following albums a listen. Of course I heard a few songs here and there, but that was about it. So when news of new album was announced and I had the opportunity to check it out, I jumped all over it... read more


Samael - Lux Mundi
Season of Mist | 5/03/11

Since forming in the late 80's, Switzerland's own Samael are no strangers to the world of metal. They were not only a part of the second wave of black metal in the early 90's, but were also among the innovators for post-black metal styles. Their discography ranges from thrash/black metal (early) to their more recent use of electronic sounds... read more


Polkadot Cadaver - Sex Offender
Rotten Records | 5/10/11

Formed from the ashes of the now defunct band Dog Fashion Disco, Todd Smith, John Ensminger and Jasan Stepp hooked up again to form another screwed up (but in a good way) band in both the musical and lyrical senses. At times coming off like some deranged love child of Slayer and Mr. Bungle, their newest project, Polkadot Cadaver... read more


KEN mode - Venerable
Profound Lore | 3/15/11

Hailing from Winnipeg, Manitoba, this Canadian outfit has dished out their mix of noise rock, sludge metal and post-hardcore since their formation back in '99. And since that time, having released four full-length albums, the first three sort of flying under the radar, KEN mode are looking to make a change in direction with their most recent album, Venerable... read more


Septicflesh - The Great Mass
Prosthetic Records | 4/19/11

If you're at all familiar with and a fan of Communion, then you will be pleased to know The Great Mass is no different. Once again featuring an orchestra and a choir, this time enlisting in the services of the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, The Great Mass is a well crafted death/symphonic metal album, that offers plenty of atmosphere to immerse the listener in and keep them hooked from beginning to end... read more


Trap Them - Darker Handcraft
Prosthetic Records | 3/15/11

It's hard to believe three years have passed since New Hampshire's Trap Them released a full-length album, and since then other hardcore/crust punk bands have been taking the genre by storm. Granted they released their EP Filth Rations in 2010 to hold people over, but to me it was more of a tease, only leaving me wanting more... read more


Turisas - Stand Up And Fight
Century Media Records | 3/8/11

Clad in battle gear and hailing from Finland, with themes revolving around battles, journeys, glory, mythology and history, Turisas dish out their brand of heavy/folk/symphonic metal while also sharing similarities to... read more


Romero - Solitare
Triceratrax | 10/15/10

Take a dose of Black Sabbath, throw in The Sword, and add a dabble of Clutch, Neurosis and Sleep, and you got yourself Romero. Formed in 2009 and hailing from Wausau, Wisconsin, Romero are a blend of stoner/rock and good old fashioned doom metal... read more


Killing The Dream - Lucky Me
Deathwish Inc. | 11/22/10

Clocking in at just under 20 minutes, Sacramento's hard-hitting hardcore/punk band, Killing The Dream, have just released their anticipated fourth full-length album, Lucky Me. This is their follow up to their 2008 album, Fractures, which received all sorts of praise, so it's safe to assume, Lucky Me has a lot to live up too... read more


Manticora - Safe
Nightmare Records | 10/12/10

Three years since the release of The Black Circus: Part 2, Denmark's Manticora have returned with their 7th full-length album, Safe. Manticora have made a name for themselves with their intense, focused and well-written albums, combining power, thrash, speed and progressive metal into one neatly wrapped package... read more


The Advaita Concept - Ontology
Lakeside | 10/4/10

The discovery of a new band is always exciting. Will it be something you've heard countless times? An experience that leaves a bad taste in your mouth? Or is it a treat from which you cannot stop consuming... read more


Black Anvil - Triumvirate
Relapse Records | 9/28/10

My first introduction to Black Anvil was seeing them live when they performed on one of Immortal's rare US shows. I was aware of who they were, but never got around to actually listening to them (which is very unlike me)... read more


Intronaut - Valley of Smoke
Century Media Records | 10/12/10

Post, progressive, sludge, experimental, you name it, LA's Intronaut have their hands full when it comes to having depth of range in their music. When they released their first EP Null back in 2005, it showcased the band as a progressive metal outfit with a touch of melody and aggression.... read more


Dimmu Borgir - Abrahadabra
Nuclear Blast Records | 10/12/10

Abrahadabra was created by author Aleister Crowley in his work, The Book of the Law, it also serves as the title of the ninth studio album by Norwegian symphonic black metal band Dimmu Borgir. The album itself was in production for eleven months, due to the band taking time off from writing music while touring and parting ways with former members... read more


Mar de Grises - Streams Inwards
Season of Mist Records | 9/14/10

There are countless bands out in the world of metal today, and no matter what genre it is (except for anything with the word 'core' attached to it), it's a challenge for a band to make an impression that will get them noticed. So, while doing my daily search for new bands, I came across this melodic death/doom metal band from Chile, Mar de Grises... read more


The Sword - Warp Riders
Kemado Records | 08/24/10

When I heard The Sword was going to release a concept album based around a science fiction narrative (as the band explained it) and experimenting with their sound a bit more, I was hesitant at the direction they might be going in. As more updates about the album came forth and the rad album art was unveiled, I started seeing their idea come to life.... read more


Mose Giganticus - Gift Horse
Relapse Records | 07/22/10

It's not very often a band grabs a hold of my ears and gives them something worth while to listen to, so when I came across Mose Giganticus, a band that combines punk and heavy metal while also incorporating the use of both a synthesizer and vocoder, I was instantly intrigued. Upon further investigation, I was surprised to find out this band is led by... read more


Blind Guardian - At The Edge of Time
Nuclear Blast Records | 08/24/10]

After fours years since A Twist In The Myth was released, Blind Guardian have returned with their highly anticipated 9th full-length album At The Edge of Time. These guys certainly know how to build up hype with each new release, as they provide samples, single(s) and up to date news while they finish recording and adding finishing touches to their album... read more


Early Man - Death Potion
The End Records | 07/20/10]

Brooklyn based heavy metal band Early Man have once again shown that they are here to unleash fast, catchy and sharp riffs in their latest release Death Potion. The album opens with the title track "Death Potion" and instantly you can't help but bang your head to the opening riff, which then becomes a barrage of chugging riffs, reminiscent of early thrash/speed metal... read more

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